BlockGains Token

BlockGains (BGN) is the utility token for the Block-token Ecosystem. It is used to handle payments, rewards and staking.

  • Token Name:   BlockGains
  • Ticker:   BGN
  • Maximum Supply:   1 Billion Tokens
  • Blockchain:   Solana
  • Token Contract Address:
    View on solscan
  • Decimals:   9

Token Distribution & Vesting

We believe in transparency and are committed to providing you with a clear understanding of how our tokens are distributed and vested within our ecosystem.

BlockVote Token

BlockVote (BVT) is the governance token for the Block-token Ecosystem. 

BlockVote holders can cast votes, propose, discuss, and vote on various network changes, and can lock up their governance tokens to access collateralised loans governed by smart contracts.

  • Token Name:   BlockVote
  • Ticker:   BVT
  • Maximum Supply:   7 Million Tokens
  • Blockchain:   Solana
  • Token Contract Address:
    View on solscan
  • Decimals:   9

Token Distribution

The BlockVote token distribution is designed to promote a healthy and vibrant ecosystem. 

The majority, 60%, is allocated to staking pool rewards, encouraging active participation and securing the network. We have also dedicated  10% to marketing and airdrops to ensure widespread awareness and engage our community. Additionally, 10% goes into forming strategic partnerships, fostering collaboration and growth.

Finally, 15% is reserved for CEX listing, enhancing liquidity and accessibility. This well-balanced distribution strategy reflects our commitment to building a strong and thriving community of token holders.

Enhanced Security

We are committed to ensuring fair and responsible token distribution. Vesting periods for certain allocations are implemented to align interests and ensure long-term dedication to the project’s success.

We believe that this distribution strategy sets the foundation for a sustainable and thriving ecosystem, where every token serves a purpose in our journey towards success.

  • Audited Smart Contract
  • Mint Authority Revoked
  • Freeze Authority Revoked
  • Vesting schedule for Team, Shareholders, and Venture Capital Partners’ Allocations.
  • Multi-sig Wallet setup for maximum security